Lunch PDF


One Main Course Lunch Menu
(Choose one from Lunchtime Menu) £7.95

  Two Course Lunch Menu £9.95
(Choose One from Starter and One from Main) OR
(Choose One from Main and One from Dessert)

Three Course Lunch Menu £10.95
(Choose One from Starters
One from Main and One from Dessert)


a Sweetcorn Soup with (Vegetarian, Chicken or Crabmeat)
b  Vegetable  Noodle Soup
c Curry Samosa
d Crispy Spring Roll
e Deep Fried Crispy Won Ton
f Spare Ribs (Barbacue or Kind Do)
g Smoked Chicken with Peppercorn Salt
h Sesame Prawn Toast
i Malaysian Satay Chicken
j Steamed Mussels in Blackbean Sauce


a Sweet and Sour Chicken
b Chicken with Chilli Sauce
c Chicken and Mushroom
d Chicken with Spicy King Po Sauce
e Curried Chicken Malaysian Style

a Curried Beef Malaysian Style
b Beef with Pineapple
c Rendang Beef
d Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion
e Beef with Green Pepper and Blackbean Sauce

a Roast Pork Cantonese Style
b Sweet and Sour Pork
c Pork with Honey and Chilli Sauce

a Bean Curd in Blackbean Sauce
b Curried Mixed Vegetables
c Fu Young Mixed Vegetables       

     SEAFOOD (£1 Extra)
a King Prawn withy Mushrooms
b Curried King Prawn
c Stir Fried Squid in Blackbean Sauce

 Plus either Fried Rice or Boiled Rice
Alternatively  ChowMein (£1 extra)


a Banana Fritter
b Ice-cream
c Chinese Tea
d Coffee